Warrior 1

     I have to title this "warrior 1" since it's my first warrior posted online.  I'm always drawing warriors, avengers and fighters, so in reality, this is probably warrior # 39 or something. ;)  At any rate, I couldn't get a good photo of this drawing even though I took it out in the daylight.  I really need to get a scanner because the photos sometimes don't show the complete detail of the drawing, and damn, I work hard on those little details.  

     This is how the raw drawing looks before I color it in.  She is on a path in the wooded mountains by a small lake.   Therefore, there will be lots of greens, browns, greys and some blues for the water and sky.  I'll post the finished product eventually.  I actually started this drawing about 4 months ago and put it down. It's just been languishing around in my sketchbook all this time, among other drawings I started and never finished.  I once started a drawing and didn't come back to finish it until 6 years later.  But it's done now! ;) For some reason, I was in the mood to finish this warrior today.  Yay!  Now, on to my 20 or so other unfinished drawings... one down, a slew more to go..... :)