Drink and Draw in the East Village

So..... I decided to ditch my plans to go to your typical club themed social event this past Saturday night and instead opted to attend Alphabet City Sanctuary's "Adult Drink and Draw" with nude models and an open wine bar. Best decision I've made in a while!

I've done live model sketching before, but for me this was the first time some wine was added to the mix. Also, the models were nude, which isn't really that big a deal ....unless you're the model, I guess! I give 'em props for standing up there and doing what they do. It can't be easy...

Anyhow, I packed up one of my sketch pads, some loose sheets of paper, an assortment of pencils & some pastels and headed on down to the LES. Or the East Village, if you really prefer. Was a small room full of people intently and dedicatedly sketching a variety of models who rotated doing various poses. The models were great, and did I mention the open wine bar? I think I'll be doing this again. Here are my sketches that made the cut: