Back at it, and this time I am working on a butterfly, fairy woman..... entity.  lol!  Anyway, she's a fairy, I guess.  I drew it in pencil and I just finished it off in fine tipped black pen.  Since I draw things on the spur of the moment and so randomly, usually on the train, I sometimes end up putting something really good on a piece of notebook paper.  That's what happened here.  Now, I have to get rid of those lines. I attempted that by doing a white out of the lines with white acrylic paint.  Let it dry, and then I took a photo of it.  Here is the piece after phase one (draw and basic hand edit):

I will now do a digitally edited version of this, the raw black and white original of the drawing. I plan to color it in later, but at this point, I think I can do something really interesting with just the black and white. Here is how that edit went:

Pretty cool, huh? I was able to clean up the background and create kind of a snowy background effect. This is not the final product, but I love playing with a piece through the different stages of creating it. Anything I draw in black and white, I make sure to photo before coloring it in, and then I try to see what I can make out of it. Sometimes it's good, sometimes... well, you know. ;)
I will come back and post the final, colored one. I actually did it last night, using gel pens and a bit of paint. Came out awesome! I need to photo it, and when I do, you'll get to see what I did. Be back soon! ;)